Here Holland of the largest castle was

Very beautiful the final quarter is when there is snow and ice up too. Then there will be skating on the Slotgracht and "koek en zopie"

The Slotkwartier

The Castle Quarter is the old center of Heiloo. This is a stunning historic area, Surrounded by the Castle Park, where you can take a little walk. It is good to be on the lawn between the bricked up foundations of the Lock on the Hoof, overlooking the historic About Final and summer greenery. Many bike- or walking group holds a picnic here.

Het Slot Egmond

Headless statue of Count

Actually, it is strange that his statue still not so long a. Lamoraal, The fourth and most famous Count Egmont in Brussels 1568 is beheaded. Goethe poem about this drama and Beethoven writes music like Overture Egmont. Five years after the execution, the end destroyed by the Beggars of Sonoy that the hated Spaniards popish can not settle in there.

Seated on a bench at the picture, you can read some information. If you look towards Alkmaar, you see one of the oldest polders.

The swamp was then reclaimed by order of the same Lamoraal. We have to admit that Lamoraal had too many possessions to stay here often.

A tower with seven floors
The foundations containing a piece ruin wall Rentmeesters tower are free. To this, the plan of the castle is still recognizable as the castle towers and the slots of the counterweights of the two drawbridges.

There is an old well and the rectangular courtyard is also good to see. What you do not see is how gigantic castle has been. As the largest residential tower was the Donjon whopping 28 meters high, as high as the Sterflat, the tallest building in Egmond aan Zee. Dungeon HAD 7 levels but also were each higher than the ten floors of the Sterflat.

The biggest and cleanest Holland castle has stood here and how it has looked exactly, nobody knows with certainty. The visitor's imagination can run free here. Here the watchman left his horn blaring for the illustrious lock residents and their visitors. Here hoofbeats sounded and played himself off the medieval village life.

Excavations in the 30s

In the context of the provision of work are the foundations in 1933/1934 exposed and re opgemetseld, led by engineer John of Oldenborgh.

A summary in words and pictures of the report made by him is on You can find more about the history and also the lock in 3D.



Amazing history

Who reads more about the glorious past of this slot is the one surprise after another. For example, many Egmonders book Derper-Hoever-Binder in the closet, in 1978 written by Kathinka Lannoy and Bob Pine Tree. It is for many the still highly readable 'bible' of the Egmond history. We know so much is due to the fact that the monks of the abbey of destruction could bring a large number of documents in safety.

So could Father Jan Court on the basis thereof reconstruct the history of the abbey 922 to 1573 and there is also frequently the lock for. In 2008 it's wonderful book "The Castle of Egmond 'Arnold CM. Citizen again published by Pirola Schoorl. In this nice written book full of illustrations the history of the castle is explained in detail. Burger emphasized the immense castle has ever been, and the fact that we do not know exactly how it's looked this.