Jan with Bubbles

This chapel, dedicated to Saint Catherine, patterns will adel, is in 1229 built next to the castle of Egmond. In 1430 let Mr. Jan van Egmond (Jan with Bubbles) demolish and rebuild the chapel again. He also summoned six canons to do the choir prayers and worship. Hiedoor lock became independent from the abbey which survived the graves at odds. Jan with the Call is buried in the Castle Church and his tombstone is still here. His name he gave thanks to the silver bells on his armor.

Demolition of the chapel.

The chapel was like the lock 1573 destroyed and 1633 by the Dutch Reformed Church rebuilt. On that occasion all surrounding towns offered stained glass windows that are now but two are still present. During the war they moved to safety and then put back. In 1960 the Castle Church was in such poor condition, that the municipality already demolition was thought. A group has Egmonders (until today) efforts to preserve.


In the eighties, was again restoration and maintenance. The Reformed congregation wore the property of the church for one guilder over to the Castle Church Restoration Foundation. Organized with a large group of volunteers exhibits art events, lectures and concerts. In the late nineties was also tackled the floor slabs. The Castle Church changed temporarily in a giant sandbox. The capstone of the lost tomb of John II emerged and has been given a place of honor in the now fully restored chapel.

Visit to the Castle Church.

The Castle Church on the Slotweg is now only visit at church, cultural and other events such as concerts, the museum weekend, commemoration at 4 May, presentation of the Egmond cultuurprijs, art market , national heritage and receptions. The chapel is also a popular wedding venue. In the autumn- and winter season there are regular concerts, often on Sunday afternoons.

A great opportunity to experience the special atmosphere.

The foundations of the Lock on the Hoof his or free to visit and then to admire the Castle Church outwardly.

For information on the Castle Church www.slotkapel-egmond.nl