In the historic heart of Egmond, close to the Castle Church and the Final Foundations, is a seventeenth century Kapberg who once served for storing hay. For the construction were used wood wreck of wrecked ships and in kapzaal this can still be seen.

In this Kapberg find a gallery, run by volunteers with many artistic ambition. Eight times a year they organize a new exhibition and the works come beautifully into their own. Graphic art is always in stock. The exhibited works are sold without profit.

Address and Opening Hours.

Gallery Kapberg

Slotweg 17 Egmond aan den Hoef

Telephone during business hours: 06-19087751

Admission is free

Free, Sat & Sun 13.00 – 17.00 pm and by appointment.

Every year 7 to 8 exhibitions of contemporary art in four attractive areas of historical Kapberg. In the construction of ships wreck wood processing.


Connected to the Kapberg are three cottages Slotweg 13, 15 in 17 17th Century, possible from 1629. Striking at the small buildings are the three brick dormers. The houses are inhabited and not to visit. The whole is a national monument.

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