Lifeboat. It is no longer here to the old, horse-drawn sea rowing lifeboat because you can admire in the museum.

But the rescue does belong to the cultural history of this Zeedorp Egmond aan Zee. Very was also known lifeboat Ubbo and the heavy sound of the tractor when the whole village knew who went. Who modern lifeboat the 'Adriaan Hendrik', real people rescuers and also wants to see the nostalgia of rescues at sea, to come along in the summer once on Friday.

“The boat goes out”. This is a winged expression in the Zeedorp. Whether it is a real action (rocket seen!) or to an exercise: a lifeboat that goes out through the surf and sail, is an experience. From March / October, the crew practices every Monday night 19.00 hour.

From November / m February, the boat goes on Saturday morning 9.30 hours from. Then the doors of the boathouse open, and if you want to know something, you can risk it. But it could also be that the men are doing maintenance. From the Boathouse we stabbing on the Tromp Bergstraat, called to the hotel that was once, direction Pump Square.

The lifeboat is often confused with the Egmond beach-rescue, of E.R.B. (they do write the s) The 'brigade station' is starting 1928 every summer on the beach, right under the lighthouse. Volunteers are involved in the safety of swimmers, surfers, sailors, lost children and E.H.B.O. They hold annual open evenings and then give rescue demonstrations.

Boothuis open.

From late June to early September 19.00 to 21.30 hour before the doors of the boathouse 'wide open. Admission is free. You can also get a ticket for the lighthouse. During the annual reddingbootdag and the fishing day, 3rd Saturday of June, here is a lot to do.

For group visits, please call:

Mr.. Gerrit Black Cie.lid and PR.Coord.KNRM (such. 072-5062007 / 06-57556459 / e-mail [email protected])

of, if no answer: Peter Dekker Secret. / Penningm. KNRM (such. 06–20057566 / e-mail [email protected])

Adriaan Hendrik

Year Built: 1992
Weight: 7,6 tone
Dimensions: 10,60 x 4,10 x 0,75 m
Motor power: 2 x 380 pk
Max. speed: 34 knot
Capacitance: 50 geredden
Staffing: 4 people