PWN Egmondse Half Marathon

On the second Sunday in January each year takes place the Egmond Half Marathon.

The ever-varying weather conditions usually determine the character of this New Year Classic. The success is due in large part to a unique variety to the course.

A trail which nature of both the North Sea beach and the North-Holland Dune Reserve plays a major role. Under the maximum 25.000 Participants each year also fighting numerous world champions for the victory on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee.


46 year time NN Egmond Half Marathon has become one of the most popular and massive walk in Netherlands. The biggest attraction of this half marathon is undoubtedly the variation in the track, while the beautiful route through the North Holland Dune Reserve highlighted. Attractive is also the round by Egmond aan Zee and the attractive finish amid thousands of spectators. The regular presence of national and international top runners has also contributed significantly to international fame this annual walk has acquired on the second Sunday in January.

The first edition of the half marathon

The first edition of the Le Champion Half Marathon took place on 11 March 1973. Over at that time was one of the first events trimmers held over such a distance. More remarkable was the sheer number of participants in the 21 in 6 km. The large number of total 1.100 Participants spent the organizers many unexpected glitches. Yet all had a successful course.

blister ball

On Sunday, the NN Egmond Half Marathon in Zuiderduin ends with the traditional blister ball. This annual musical event is intended for all participants, supporters and spectators. If 15.30 hours Zuiderduin Hall opens and from 16.00 hours will be a band for a swinging live performance concerns. The entreeis low p.p. and the party lasts until 20.15 hour.

ID is required.


NN Egmond Half Marathon brings to residents, besides a lot of fun, Also on these streets some limitations with it. In consultation with the municipality and the police is a traffic plan drawn up for the event as smoothly, but above all as safe as possible to proceed.

  • On Sunday, the village will be closed to all traffic between 8.00 in 18.00 hour. It is not possible to drive in Egmond aan Zee. Car traffic is restricted in Egmond aan Zee. Within those times Egmond is accessible by shuttles, by bicycle or on foot. We encourage participants and spectators to make use of the shuttle buses. More information for the shuttles
  • Sportlaan, Boulevard North, Boulevard South, Vassy Boulevard, Vuurtorenplein and Watertorenweg are completely sealed. If you need with car Egmond aan Zee, you can still drive out of the village. It is not possible to drive into the area south of the Seaway and other roads, which are part of the trail. These are the Kennedy Boulevard, Winkelman Plantsoen, Montgomerystraat, Rooseveltstraat, Karel Doormanlaan, Marshallstraat, Churchillaan, Eisenhowerstraat, Trumanplein, sternlaan, Plover Avenue, Wilhelminastraat, Voorstraat (between Trompstraat and Prince Hendrikstraat), Tromp Street, Admiral Ruyterweg and Seaway. These paths are closed between 10.00 in 16.00 hour.
  • On 12.00 hour it is possible to exit through the following streets Egmond aan Zee: Plover Avenue, Prince Hendrikstraat, Voorstraat, Tromp Street and Wilhelmina Street.

Traffic in Egmond aan Zee minimized.

If you live in Galway and want to move you in Egmond aan Zee this is minimized. It is not possible to cross the streets where the trail runs. However, the off-course possible to move around easily.

crossings course

It is possible to over stabbing at the main beach entrance road. This is continuously available and you are hereby not affected by the participants walking on the trail.

Decorate Your Home

The inhabitants of Egmond aan Zee do every year everything to make to feel welcome athletes. If you live along the route, decorate your home and make it cozy with music or a party tent outside. Encourage the runners who come by your house and give them an extra boost to the finish.

Structure Work

On Friday, for the marathon in January take place in Egmond aan Zee already several construction work site. There are for example already erected fences on Northern Boulevard, which way is closed if necessary.


On Saturday to find 9.00 hours the start of the cycle Egmond-Pier-Egmond place. Start and finish are at the Boulevard North. Saturday also parking is prohibited for Boulevard North and Vuurtorenplein.