The noble house is a mix of the efteling, gnome land and alice in wonderland in a museum molded. You really have eyes too short to take everything in your. Radiography is a special woman, she has a lot of humor and zest for life and told her about love “noble house”. Radiography and its Nobel House quickly and do not forget your green swirls yes after visiting good memories. The museum is located on the edge of the dunes in Egmond Inside and therefore has a self-built mini-museum, small chapel, various workshops, a vegetable garden, orchard and chickens country.

You must call for an appointment for a moment before you can enter. they give you a tour and who knows she does leave something of her homemade wine tasting.

Mini-museum & chapel

Afra Valkering -Zentveld (1939), either Afie is one of Egmond-used indoors most extraordinary artists and a bon vivant.

It not strange that they wanted to see was in television Man Bites Dog. The museum originated in a course of years alongside her own home. Hang handwritten notes and spells on the wall.

The chapel is open daily. Afie gives tours on request. A special experience!

Hone's 2 Ria and daughters Carla Laroo give workshops and courses pottery and painting in their studios to the Mooyeveld.

Hone's Nobelhuis
Mooyeveld 4a

Phone: 072-5061841