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“The Ecovillage certainly doesn't want to be an isolated island. Yet seven imaginary islands are being set up for the festival, where we visualize and articulate all aspects of sustainability with all kinds of cultural and social presentations ”, say Agnes and Fredjan. “Social and cultural sustainability are just as important to us and offer just as many opportunities as ecological and economic sustainability. We have always been very welcoming to us 15 acre site. Including De Karavaan, the Kunst10daagse, the International Holland Music Sessions hosted all their performances and concerts here. But we are just as happy with the arrival of all kinds of social parties and agencies and individuals, who come here to light up their light. ” The actual Eco Village is only part of the former Bergen airport, but the most beautiful part with lots of forest, a large dreamy pond with a beach, many lined open spaces and striking sheds. All these places have been assigned functions in the zoning plan submitted to the municipality, including living. There are guided tours every first Sunday of the month, from 14.00-16.00 hour, You can register via the Ecodorp site.

Playful helpers

Agnes shows the terrain and indicates the locations for performances, in front of the movie house, the sauna, de hottubs, the numerous workshops about anything and everything, the place for the traveling Climate Museum, that was recently a guest on the island of Pampus, the temporary campsite, and the "children's island", where children can collaborate with their ideas about the future of the Earth. "Everything at the festival is there to contribute to making the world a better place", she says. “Sustainability can be attractive, gladly even, the festival offers a helping hand, so that everyone is inspired to integrate the various possibilities of sustainability into everyday life. Fredjan puts it like this: “A vibe is a vibration, a movement, of which we hope that more and more people will want to become part of it. ” The festival will continue this year anyway. “And that is only possible this year because everyone really only contributes from idealism, without any compensation. That is amazing, because we would like to continue, do not relax ”, says Agnes, who acts as the unifying project leader of the festival. “We started immediately last year 650 visitors. That is not possible now, so there are time blocks on both days, in which you can still get it for the reasonable price of 15 euro can see and experience a lot. ”

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Photo: Agnes Audier in front of the pond at the Ecovillage (Photo: Ed Bausch)