Hoever village fete in the old village of Egmond aan den Hoef.

During Hoever animation traditional browsing market is held. As in previous years a market of around winds 120 stalls through the old center of Heiloo.

On this market sold everything: besides the "stuff from the attic 'and' young 'antiques, also new clothes and art objects for sale. Also, local associations and scouting the beggars will present themselves.

The browsing market for the first time in 1987 organized under the name Hoever animation.

The browsing market is not a free market. Without booth is not permitted to offer items for sale, except for children up / m 12 year.

The Village will be built Hanswijk another podium on which various artists will entertain the audience. On the square itself is a large bar and can be eaten something. For children and toddlers there are activities.


At the foot of the Castle Church a'stilteterras' will be furnished. Outside the noise of the market you can sit down with coffee and cake.

Contact and general information

Hoever about animation: Cees Siekerman
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 072-531 66 38