From October to March you can put the irons back under bind and great skating Ice rink Meent, the recipe for a sporting day out in Alkmaar!

The semi covered 400 meter track and a separate rink guarantee much fun skating. Skate hire, skating lessons? Everything has been thought in the Think Rink.

Sports and schaatbaan De Witte Alkmaar


  • A 400-meter track: this job is half covered. The inner part of the track is colored blue, this is the part where the fast skaters make their rounds. On the rest of the job anyone can skate at your own pace.
  • An Ice Rink of 30 at 60 meter: This job is fully covered, hang some disco lights, wall beautiful paintings with subject all sorts of things that have to do with Alkmaar.

Children's Party

believes childrenThe Think are provided by skate- and skating school in Balance. Do you want to hear after enthusiastic stories of the children, choose a complete game, including skating. You can choose from:

– Skate game (v.a. 6 people, € 12,- p.p.)

– IJshockeypartijtje (v.a. 8 press. > 8 jr; € 11,- to € 13,50 depending on group size)

– Curling game (v.a. 8 press. > 8 jr; € 11,- to € 13,50 depending on group size)

Everything is taken care of by the skating school. Guaranteed success.

information on children's parties

Schaatshuur v.a. € 4,- p.p.
Cake and Zopie v.a. € 1,50 p.p.
Children € 5,50 p.p. = Chips, sauce, snack, lemonade, ice cream

Are the children beginners- of (ver-) advanced skaters, skaters of skeeleraars, young or old (v.a. 6 year); the children's parties are by adapting to any desired level and can be arranged on any day and any time that the ice rink or skating track is open.

In the summer months you can also organize a skate / roller blade hockey game or skate / street hockey game


The care of the job

The 400-meter track, depending on the opening two to six times a day mopped. The ice rink one to two times per day. The exact times can be found on the website. During the mop is not allowed to enter the job, it takes about twenty minutes. The rink mopped then you can go to the ice rink and vice versa.

Ice Rink Meent Alkmaar

believes disco

In (a portion of) the ice rink of the Think (30×60 mt) can -under guidance- by primary school children are geijshockeyd. You can also play a corporate curling or a children's ice hockey game. It is then 1/3 part of the ice rink dropped for this event.

The rink has a unique light- and sound and there is therefore every Friday organized a skating disco! Young and old can of 16.45 to 22.00 pm at the ice rink and be treated to a light show with disco, led- and laser lights which are projected on the ice. The beautiful ice floor in the disco / ice rink has an area of ​​30×60 meter so there is plenty of room for everyone.

Friday afternoon is therefore ideally suited to organize a children's party at the rink.

Every Friday night is our resident DJ Barry with his mixer on ice. DJ acts of 19.30 to 22.00 hour!!!!

Good to know

  • There is a large dressing room with the 400-meter track, everywhere is material on the floor where you can walk in principle with your skates, This material is also on the route to the indoor hall.
  • You can borrow racks at the rink, they are close to the dressing room, like a bag you put a coin there 1 euro in.
  • In the locker room you can use a safe for valuables, this costs 50 eurocents.
  • In the locker room you will find a window, here you can rent skates, this costs 5 euro, legitimacy as a security deposit is required!
  • In de sportshop (Licking), at the entrance of the complex you can skate show Grinding from 10 euro and also rent skates (identification as a deposit required).
  • The 400-meter track you find an eatery, here you can drink, or fries food.
  • The entire sports complex is non-smoking.
  • On the 30×60-lane is allowed on skating Noren when the space that makes possible.
  • Use of pucks and sticks may only during ijshockeyles.
  • Teaching is not permitted without the board's consent.
  • Ice skating lessons are given, also for youth between the 6 in the 12 year, For information you can look the best on the site.
  • Sometimes there are big events at the Think, the rink may be closed, So always look on the website then you will not get any unpleasant surprises.

Does The Rink Alkmaar

Visiting hours

From October to March the skating season is look for the current opening hours on their website click here.

Parking, bicycle, public transport

You can free parking at the sports complex, further in the neighborhood (walking distance) also free parking.

Plenty of room to park your bike, the shelves are under a canopy. It is not a secure bicycle.

From Alkmaar station you can easily take the bus at the sports complex will, choose the bus to Egmond, this comes along the Think.