Live webcams and much more!

Here you can see a number of live webcams related videos from Egmond aan Zee and a number of videos from other popular coastal towns such as Castricum, Caps, Zandvoort, Scheveningen, Vlieland, Ameland, Katwijk Noordwijk etc.. You can also watch the Pieterburen Seal Sanctuary and the Dam in Amsterdam Live.

Look for the now famous Derper song Keep Your Hands Off Derp.

Or view and click on the advertisements they ensure that Egmondonline.n can continue to exist! And who knows, you might find something interesting.


How it works?

You will see a video slider, this means that you can scroll through the videos yourself and then start using the PLAY button.

If you move your mouse over the large image without clicking, you will also see arrows appearing left and right. So it allows you to watch the next or previous video or live webcam. (see picture on the right)

The image sometimes jumps slightly in size. This is caused by the resolution of the camera you are seeing.

Small images

The small images serve as a visual slider. Right and left you will see arrows appear when you hover your mouse over them.Click on them to view the following five webcams and / or videos.

Click on the PLAY button to enlarge that image. (see example on the right)