Egmond consists of three villages: Egmond aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef in Egmond-In. Egmond aan Zee has a history as a fishing village, that beginning 19and century increasingly turned into a lovely place to come and celebrate holidays.

It is still a family seaside resort where young and old feel at home, where it is lively, but the rest of the great outdoors. There are plenty of nice small recreational facilities in the area.

Throughout the year, visitors from within- and abroad to our town for a day trip or a long(is) stay. The municipality has to offer too much. Beach, forest, dunes, polder and charming villages are the biggest crowd pullers.

Our leisure, museums, hotels, pensions, campsites, shopping and many other things then connect.

Attractive in all seasons

The three Egmonds all year attractive both for outdoor sporting people and visitors who love peace, beauty, culture and history.

Egmond-Inside the abbey attracts visitors from far and wide.

In the beautiful historic center of Heiloo are the foundations of what was once the cleanest and largest castle in Holland.

White sand beaches

The municipality of Bergen has an area of ​​nearly 120 square kilometers and almost 32.000 residents.

All the villages of the municipality have in common that they are close to beautiful white sand beaches, far reaching and here and there some forest.

Residents from neighboring communities like to use the many recreational and cultural amenities the town has to offer.

Municipality of Bergen

Since 2001 three Egmonds are no independent municipality but under the name Bergen.

The municipality consists of several villages and hamlets that are: Aagtdorp – Bergen – Bergen by the Sea – Bregtdorp – Camperduin – catrijp – Egmond-In – Egmond aan den Hoef – Egmond aan Zee – Greeting – Hargen – Rinnegom – Schoorldam and Schoorl – Wimmenum.

When the merger is expressly promised that every village should retain its own identity and that is very important for the people of Egmond.