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Weather Egmond aan Zee

Because the North Sea, especially at the beginning of the summer, is much colder, it is often in Egmond 1 of 2 degrees colder when the wind blows from the North Sea. However, in the summer months, the North Sea just ensures that the nights stay warmer.

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Public transport and public transport Taxi

Adventure. If you rarely or never using public transport, then you should try it out for a day at Egmond yet again. It is much cheaper than paid parking. Step, for example, in one village and walk to the next.

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Cycling to Egmond

By bike to the three Egmonds. Of which side you 3 Egmonds also approaching, From Alkmaar, Heiloo, Castricum, Bergen aan Zee, Uitgeest or Bergen and whether you through the meadows, ride the dunes or along the bulb fields, it is always a splendid, varied tour on a good bike path.

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Parking in Egmond aan Zee

When you come to Egmond aan Zee by car, we ask you car in Egmond-South on the large parking lots to leave or at the North and South Boulevard. Follow the signs that lead you to the parking.

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Volunteers Buurtbus Bergen

Volunteers Buurtbus Mountains offers this mode of transport in and between towns Camperduin, Greeting, Schoorl, Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond-Inside and Egmond aan Zee.

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Shipping off the coast

Live shipping traffic map. The sea is bordered on three sides by land and opens funnel-shaped to the North East Atlantic. Within a radius of 150 kilometers of coasts life 80 million people.

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Webcam Prison Hotel Hoorn

Welcome to the jail hotel Horn. A unique hotel with special rooms and an exceptional ambience.
The prison hotel, as the hotel here in Horn is also called, has in the restoration of the prison on the Oostereiland 11 cells in a state managed to keep that is not much different from how it used.
This lets you experience what it is like to sleep in a real prison.
On the ground floor you will find the hallway with the 11 former cells. This cell block was the prisoners “Sluis” called. These cells, which have been completely restored and adapted to the needs of a hotel room, give a sense of melancholy. On the 2nd floor of the hotel are still 14 spacious rooms, some of which overlook the IJsselmeer. And there's even a honeymoon suite, where you can unwind and relax after the best day of your life. All rooms have a private bathroom with sink, shower toilet. All rooms have television and Internet.

Witnesses wanted house robbery

Witnesses wanted house robbery

Door Redactie op Dinsdag 4 February 2020, 10:41 uur nieuwsbericht, politie, overval, woning 112

HEILOO – In de nacht van maandag op dinsdag heeft er een woningoverval plaats gevonden op de Lijsterbes. De politie is op zoek naar getuigen.Rond 05:00 uur kreeg de politie een melding van een overval bij een woning in Heiloo. Een aantal mannen zou de woning zijn binnen gedrongen en de drie aanwezigen hebben bedreigd. De daders verbleven enige tijd in de woning en gingen daarna lopend weg met een nog onbekende buit. De politie is direct een zoekactie gestart naar de verdachten en heeft de slachtoffers opgevangen. Bij de woning is een sporenonderzoek ingesteld. Een 28-jarig slachtoffer is bij de overval lichtgewond geraakt en kon ter plekke aan zijn verwondingen worden geholpen.
De daders waren donker gekleed en renden weg in de richting van de Zevenhuizerlaan/ Breedelaan. Heeft u de verdachten gezien? Heeft u iets anders verdachts gezien dat met deze overval te maken kan hebben? Of heeft u mogelijk beelden van bewakingscamera’s die het onderzoek kunnen helpen? Laat het dan weten door te bellen naar 0900-8844. Blijft u liever anoniem? Bel Meld Misdaad Anoniem via 0800-7000.

Uw naam of bedrijf of instelling.PolitieUw website (if applicable)http://Politie.nlUw email [email protected]


Sportpark Wimmenum heeft 7 moderne kunstgras banen die het hele jaar door bespeeld kunnen worden. In de avond zijn de banen goed verlicht. De banen zijn te gebruiken voor leden en ook is er voor niet leden losse baanhuur mogelijk.
Losse baanhuur kost €10,- per uur en is afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid.
Adres Sportpark Wimmenum
Herenweg 273 B
1934 BC Egmond aan den Hoef
Phone: 072 506 45 62
Email: [email protected]
Gratis parkeren

Visiting hours

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 21:00

Uw naam of bedrijf of instelling.SPORTCENTRUM WIMMENUMUw website (if applicable) email [email protected]

Join and explore the future of the municipality of Bergen,

Join and explore the future of the municipality of Bergen, the part Egmonds. Together with you and 100 others we want here 18 maart over nadenken. How do we ensure that in the municipality of Bergen good living, work and leisure stays? There you have a fixed opinion about and we hear.
Why is it important that your organization thinks about the future of the municipality of Bergen?
We will create a future plan for the municipality of Bergen, This is called an external view. Near vision tells the story of the future of our town. For example, the accessibility by bicycle and car, conservation of nature, live, etc. With this vision we will, together with you, answer the question: how we want the municipality of Bergen about it 30 year looks? What do we want to preserve, we should pay more attention, what to do before? We willen van u weten waar we aandacht aan moeten besteden en welke onderwerpen u belangrijk vindt. Bestaande projecten vallen buiten het gesprek.
Why the municipality of Bergen needs an external view?
We want what is good also remains good, but also that it is better for everyone. Therefore it is important now to establish what we want to preserve and / or to change. Your opinion as a director of an organization is important.
If you can join?
Date 18 March 2020
Time 19.30 hour - 21.30 hour (Doors open at 19.00 hour)
Locatie De Hanswijk, Egmond aan den Hoef
Sign Up
We want to ensure that the venue is full so you have to register it beforehand. This is done by for 26 februari een mail te sturen naar [email protected]. Zet hierin duidelijk in dat u komt voor de meedenksessie op 18 March Egmond. You can enroll one person in your organization.
What we ask of you this evening?
We first want to find out what is going well and not going well. Then we ask your opinion by Subject. For example, on the shopping offerings, recreation or living in the municipality of Bergen.
Why was I invited?
To really put together the vision to, We invite organizations and random people and you're one of them. I hope that you will.
See you at 18 March
Edwin de Waard
Project Environment Visions
The Buch Work organization

Invitation 12 February – Together to civil sports- and move chord Bergen

Invitation 12 February
Would you thinking? Sign up now for this start- and inspiration session
best person,

We hereby invite you to start- and inspiration session 'Towards a local social sports- and beweegakkoord 'on
Wednesday 12 February at the clubhouse of Voetbalvereniging Egmondia, Sportlaan 5 Egmond aan Zee.

local sportakkoord

In the municipality of Bergen, we started with a local social sports- and beweegakkoord. Thereby appointments
create cooperation and a stronger civil society 'form. We the inhabitants of the municipality of Bergen,
with sports and exercise, put more in their strength, involve the community and (even more) let his active.
The local chord represents a unique opportunity wherein sporting, care- and health providers, community sports coaches, Education,
business and community jointly determine the details. There are sports formateurs appointed to the process to help
accompany, but we can not without you.
We will talk about questions like:

* How do we get (more) people (more fun) in Bergen in motion?
* What can we do to strengthen sports organizations?
* How can we make better use of the social value of sport?
* How can education, business and sports clubs more work?
* we use public space or public sports facilities adequate?
* Do you have ideas to make a specific audience actively active or sports, but you need a challenge to the audience to
reach or get on location?

With this we bring ideas to map we can perform and succeed. For example when it comes to "smart"
connections, using each other's capabilities and facilities.
These agreements will be included in the Local
social sport- and beweegakkoord ', with concrete actions and linked to budget implementation.

18:30 hour
19.00 hour
Walk with coffee and tea
Welcome and warm up , o.a. explanation Local Sports- and Beweegakkoord & Inspiration
Short break
Discuss aspirations and opportunities for Bergen using the Sport Accord Games
Joint seal and what now, chat with a drink.

22.00 hour

Why this can not miss:

We want to hear your needs and wishes in the area of ​​sport and exercise, so we based it solutions and actions
can think of that will help you further. We guarantee you an evening full of energy, inspiration, good examples opportunities
We may also use your help and expertise well. For a local agreement requires teamwork!
We appreciate your presence very much appreciated.
Let this form
before Friday 7 February
know if you are present and / or can not, but still want to stay involved. After registration you will receive more information about the
course of the meeting. Curious about the National Sport Accord? To click to get a better picture of the Local
Sport Accord and what it can do for you as an association, video below gives more clarity:
check . Wednesday night 4 March the follow-up meeting.

With sporty greetings,

Ingrid van Gelder In partnership with: Municipality Bergen, Sports Council BES,

Sports Formateur municipality Bergen community sports coaches
Elles Kraakman and Eefke Fox
[email protected]


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