In this primal Egmont company: known for its cozy interior with rattan chairs, Persian rugs, fireplace, old Dutch proverbs, old street signs and wall clocks wall Egmonders meet each other here all year. The tourists meet in the summer on the terrace or cozy inside.

The millennial Egmond aan Zee was an exciting development just as our bar and restaurant which has a large central function in this old place, which grew from fishing village to seaside resort, to the Egmond aan Zee now, where you always are welcome to.

The village establishment "The Clock" was established long ago when the smell still hung in the dunes of dried and smoked fish.

The time when the delicious baklucht rose from behind the houses of the small fishing houses on the North Holland coast. This old fishing village stood since 1904 the village tavern "Blue Button". There was coffee, tea and milk with anise donated. This tavern was a few years later "Crown" called. Popularly christened this tavern over the years as "The Clock".

The then owner Nicholas Kager made in his spare time a large metal clock out and hung it as a service over the door of his shop "The Crown". Because at that time not everyone had a clock at home lived a derp (nickname Egmond aan Zee) on the clock "Crown". Hence "The Clock".


Smidstraat 1
1931 EX Egmond aan Zee
Such: 072 – 506 99 59
Fax: 072 – 506 99 62

Visiting hours:

Our office hours are as follows:

Coffee: 8:30 h t / m 24:00 hour
Restaurant: 10.30 h t / m 21.30 hour

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