Going out

Alle lunchrooms. restaurants, pubs in Galway, Heiloo and Egmond-Inside.

Speijk.nu restaurant Egmond

Restaurant van Speijk Egmond

Enjoy breathtaking views of the North Sea. In summer on the terrace and in the winter cozy by the fireplace. The operation is spontaneous, friendly and very hospitable. They have an extensive menu with something for everyone: meat, vis in vega. Truly a pleasure.

Restaurant Bell Egmond aan Zee

Restaurant de Klok Egmond aan Zee

The village establishment "The Clock" was established long ago when the smell still hung in the dunes of dried and smoked fish. But has now been a landmark for many guests who stay in Egmond, Bell center on Pump Square in Galway

Italian Restaurant Miramare

Italiaans Restaurant Mira Mare

A restaurant where you and your friends, acquaintances and your family can enjoy various Italian culinary specialties!

Restaurant La Chatelaine – Egmond

Restaurant La Chatelaine – Egmond

Where you can enjoy fair and lovely, right under the lighthouse of Egmond aan Zee. Where it is not only the summer linger well, but also in the other seasons.
The restaurant is romantic, comfortable yet very contemporary.

Restaurant d’ Old Clipper – Egmond

Restaurant d’ Oude Clipper – Egmond

In the heart of Egmond aan Zee restaurant d 'Old Clipper Set, with since June 2005 Arno and Elly Duijf at the helm. D 'Old Clipper is a warm cozy restaurant with a maritime atmosphere and a natural hospitality making you feel right at home.

Restaurant Salty Kiss – Egmond

Restaurant Zilte Zoen – Egmond

Salty Kiss positioning itself as an accessible public place, Social Responsibility (with respect for people and the environment). Operating in a leisure market in a natural environment.

Restaurant Of course Egmond

Restaurant Natuurlijk Egmond

In course in Egmond aan Zee, you can count on a warm, cozy atmosphere and a warm welcome. It is pre-eminently the place to linger.

Café Tervoort Egmond Within

Café Tervoort Egmond Binnen

A cozy and located Cafe, restaurant in the center of the delightful village of Egmond Within. Café Tervoort also gives your food!

'T Wapen van Egmond Inside

‘t Wapen van Egmond Binnen

'T Weapon of Egmond-Inside is a former family business, where now the fam. Haagen since 1 July 2000 receive their guests and indulge in old-fashioned service and quality. The historic building which used the gardeners on the pavement

The weapon of Egmond – Grand Café

Het wapen van Egmond – Grand Café

The Grand Cafe and Restaurant you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee Laurentis,accompanied with daily fresh pastry cakes. Obviously can also go here for lunch, dinner and drinks. (Wifi)

Brown Cafe Cafe Yard Egmond aan Zee

Bruincafe Cafe de Werf  Egmond aan Zee

It is a warmly decorated cafe with lots of old photographs,s of Egmond aan Zee and ancient fishing. It's a little nautical décor. Partly because Peter (operator) also the local lifeboat crew is,