In Santiago we work with less strong shoulders. These young people with intellectual disabilities are the heart and soul of our company. Owner Jan Ranzijn initiated a restaurant to start with people with disabilities. Together they provide hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere.

Lunchroom Santiago

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Brasserie stands for honest and delicious food & drink.
Brasserie Santiago represents less strong shoulders inspire strong shoulders.
Together, we share our passion for hospitality
job satisfaction.
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Bakery Santiago

Bakery Santiago Egmond aan Zee



At Brasserie Santiago we serve daily
to 11.00 h a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
You get a croissant with jam,
two rolls with ham and cheese, a boiled egg,
a glass of fresh orange juice and a cup of fresh coffee or tea.

Opening Lunchroom:

Closed Mondays during the winter months

Tuesday to Thursday 10.00 tm 18.00 hour.

Friday to Sunday 10.00 tm 19.00 hour.

Opening Bakery Santiago

Monday 07.30 tm 12.00 hour (during the winter months)

Tuesday to Thursday 07.30 tm 17.00 hour.

Friday to Sunday 07.30 tm 18.00 hour.

About Foundation Santiago

Santiago_samen partsThrough a lunchroom, combined with an organic bakery, we want to give shape to a new form of business. For this we have ourselves in many different ways (let) inform. Fairs are visited, newspapers on nageslagen, meetings take place. All to find out what is happening on our philosophy. The combination of less strong shoulders, strong shoulders and a durable design company, we believe, a unique combination.

From various media we have gained inspiration, to take our concept.

It turns out that the whole food is struggling. The turnover of the whole industry, including supermarkets, decreased. Despite rising prices. The conclusion that we connect to this is that the consumer has the heavy. There are more people living on a tight budget. In addition, the hospitality industry prides itself out of the market. Netherlands is average 20% more expensive relative to the Europe. This is in a time of crisis, a substantial difference. Is expected to 2017 increase the number of people with a small income. Budget often creates an unhealthy and monotonous diet.

santiago-bakery-and-lunchroom-2By putting something unique in the market, to fill a niche, we excel in the industry nowadays difficult. Not only our staff will ensure this, but also the overall concept will surprise people should do. We are looking for the innovative, mainly in the combination of a number of cases.

If you look at trends, is 'sustainable cook' emerging. Sustainability is the future. That the long-term nature existence. Cooking with vegetables instead of lavish much meat, scraps recycling and preserving food are trendy topics. Meat substitutes are also emerging. The choice is getting bigger and bigger, in addition, the quality better. Provisioning now makes all 'steak' of vegetable fibers. Meat eating is healthy, alone or with a certain degree. But actually this money for all the products we eat. It is time for an awakening. Also with regard to the disposal of food. The excessive purchasing of food, and then again mindlessly into the trash is not outdated.

Gluten allergy is on the rise, you could label it almost like a fad. We are not genetically designed to eat a lot of wheat. Yet it is almost everywhere in . In addition, the wheat is so modified that 80 percent of the proteins are wheat gluten, that is what makes the dough elastic. Wheat is a very healthy product, but will be like the rest of the power supply have to be eaten with moderation. To keep this phenomenon we would also like bill go. That help people with allergies, including those of gluten, we welcome and so experienced.

Despite the tight purse, it happens more often that we have breakfast outside the door. Where we used our bread smeared on the countertop, now appears to be increasing demand for convenience fast. Among other Hema, Ikea and La Place have been offering very cheap breakfasts to. One even cheaper if the other. Well here you can see the difference clearly offered breakfast back.

Since 1 January 2014 Alcohol is changed violently. The age of the legally drink alcohol has increased from 16 year 18 year. As a 17-year-old caught in a company comes to alcohol that the owner fined 1340 euro stand. It's always difficult with all new regulations to control the ages in a correct way. We do not want police to be in our company, and have decided to make the whole alcohol. This saves us a lot of 'hassle'. It is also true that we are looking for a new concept, which we want to work quickly and efficiently, with a high degree of self-service. Prolonged sitting on the terrace with a glass of wine for example, is not what we have in mind.

Donate / Investing

Santiago Bakery Lunchroom was made possible by a private investment. It is not pure charity, but cast in the form of a business plan.

Donations can be done only once, to invest, you can make even more difference. You get your investment with a social and financial return back, to invest then again. The idea behind this investment is very simple.


The invested will pay off against 2%. Then the profits will remain in Santiago Foundation, in order to secure the sustainable future of the initiative.

For more information please contact our foundation.

Foundation Santiago

Pompplein 9
1931 AD Egmond aan Zee

Telephone number 072 760 0400


”less strong shoulders inspire strong shoulders”

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