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Old dutch Klootschieten Schoorl

Throwing a wooden ball (THE KLOOT) on a set route, with the aim to do this in the least possible throws. The globe is a wooden ball at the correct weight by means of cast lead.

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Speelbos at “The Dunes-school” Schoorl

Various fun activities that you are in the dunes at-school “The visitor center Schoorl Dunes” . There is a play forest Kabouterpad, Hulpboswachters pad, The high dunes path and barefoot path. Which are suitable for different age groups from 6-99 year.

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Baker removals and transportation

Wie is Bakker verhuizingen en transport Wij zijn een Transport en Verhuisbedrijf gevestigd in het hartje van Schoorl. Our goal is to serve you in a professional way but mostly personal way of service. Our family owned company is currently run by (youngest son of Kees Bakker) Fred. Het aantal activiteiten is ondertussen [...]

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