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Italian ice cream shop Pravisani

Artisanal ice cream shop in Pravisani since 1947 already known in Egmond aan Zee, they are only open a few months during the summer and fabricate yourself get the ice cream turned back the case to the traditional methods and flavored. The weather is nice in Egmond ? Over than once by the [...]

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Berry Tobacco and Souvenirs Egmond

Bes tobacco, Remembrances & Toys existed over 100 year in Egmond aan Zee and started off by Engelbertus Pel and his wife, they have it until just after the war (1950) about done Aaf Verbrugge of Peel and her husband Piet Verbrugge. From 1977 Verbrugge has their daughter Carla and her [...]

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Hairdresser's “Pure scissors”

We are a cozy and trendy hair salon in the heart of Egmond aan Zee. Right in the center of Egmond aan Zee. Our team consists of enthusiastic hairstylists who are very knowledgeable .

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Recycled Toll Heiloo

Kringloopbedrijf toll sells all kinds of 2nd hand stuff that deserve a 2nd chance, such as furniture, clothing, furniture, book, electronics, white- and brown goods and toys.

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Shalimar Jewellery Egmond aan Zee

SHALIMAR is a specialist in silver jewelry that has decades of brand awareness in Egmond aan Zee and surroundings. Many people come to Shalimar because there is a very wide selection of hand-made traditional and contemporary jewelry with or without gemstones such as: Turquoise, Layer, Lazuli, Amatista, Amber of Maansteen. De juwelen worden zorgvuldig uitgezocht en worden [...]

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Schouwenburg lamps, wandeco

LOOK In the broadest sense of the word. So you can summarize the results of your own design, self-manufactured lamps Jan Schouwenburg. On or off, JS-light objects, with their often rugged, but sometimes fragile design a decorative boost to your interior. His lamps find their way throughout the country. [...]

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Slijterij Wijnhandel Meijer Egmond

Liquor store & Wijnhandel Meijer since 1995 a concept in Egmond aan Zee, both Egmonders as for the many tourists who like the liquor store to "a slokkie" come. After our renovation in 2006 in 2007 we have malt whiskey range perfected with more specialties. Daarnaast is ons wijn assortiment ook nog meer [...]

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Small Grut – Baby & children's wear

We sell baby and children's clothing from famous brands, where we keep the good quality / price ratio in the holes. Not only in clothing, we are well also our wide range of gift items is worth it to come to see. In onze winkel hopen wij u met ons advies en goede service altijd van [...]

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Fashion Shop Floor Egmond

Our Shop Floor Fashion is a renowned trendy fashion store in Egmond aan Zee and sells exclusive quality and fashionable clothing for men and women of all ages. The clothing is available in all price ranges and the sizing is very wide. Besides clothing can be found at Floor also shoes, boots and slippers. Eerlijkheid Floor staat voor [...]

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Rabbit Electric Egmond aan Zee

Konijn Elektro Elektrotechnisch Installatie bedrijf daarnaast hebben we een winkel in klein huishoudelijk materiaal Onze Winkel In onze winkel kunt u bijvoorbeeld de volgende huishoudelijke materialen vinden als koffieapparaten, kettles, toasters, Extension Cords, sockets, wandcontactdozen, various other power switching devices, batteries and razors. We also sell all kinds of light sources such as light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Het Elektrotechnisch Installatie [...]

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