EGMOND – After thirteen years died Eggel a merger Egmond football clubs have finally found their place. The boards of Egmondia, Seabirds and St. Adelbert have agreed on the location for a shared sports complex.

Door Dominic Drives – 8-7-2015, 7:49 (Update 8-7-2015, 7:55)

The plan is to football clubs Egmond aan den Hoef, to unite to Sea Inside the 'corner’ They go on to Tijdsverdrijflaan Egmonderstraatweg, opposite the Texaco petrol station and supermarket Albert Heijn.

The land is part of the municipality and for another part of the local farmer bulbs. His ground for four years for Sale. The new complex requires eight acres. Supply current football grounds 9,5 hectares of land in.

It was many years looking for a suitable central location and especially for the rival football clubs, which merge to form a strong Egmond club, For those who can and wants to play football youth.

The corner’ has won the "armpit’ Heiloo at the Seaway / Herenweg towards Egmond-Binnen. Criteria include space for fields and facilities, accessibility and availability.

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