Good start 2016

EGMOND SEA – Simon van Dam, officer of the municipality, was Tuesday afternoon 27 October, for alderman Rob Seaman ready Sjef Kenniphaas and Rita Koppe Draaijer of 'Get rid of those old bowling!’ to discuss the state of affairs.

Management has floated what was running late with the application for the environmental permit. It has been applied on 27 september. Commonly issued the permit after eight weeks. “These eight weeks, the municipality doubly necessary”, Rita says Koppe Draaijer. “As it looks now the end of November the permit to be issued. Then there is a statutory period of six weeks in which objections could be made.” In short, before the end of this year will include all procedures to the past and can Drove Management, as they themselves indicate on their site, in the first quarter of 2016 starting with demolition and construction.

Egmond aan Zee is 2016 In any case a good start!!!

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