SEA Breeze Bigband – Walk to the pump – Live @ i Egmond aan Zee d.d 20-09-2014


Want to know more about Seabreeze Bigband –

Gaming, that is the key to the Seabreeze Jazz. Eighteen driven musicians and an experienced musical director. An inspiring repertoire with early Count Basie swing and the music of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, but also with the challenging work of modern top big bands like Big Phat Band. Whisper quiet ballads and up-tempo songs popping. Performances Seabreeze are always energetic and original and make any occasion into a party. Big band jazz of the highest level so!

Of Seabreeze Big Band In classic big band occupation: trumpet, trombones, saxofoons, rhythm section. The band was founded in 1979 as part of the IJmuider Harmony and has since developed into one of the more adventurous amateur big bands. Thus, it was Seabreeze Jazz years led by composer / arranger / conductor Konrad Koselleck, who used the tape to their mutual satisfaction as a testing ground for his arrangements and so laid the foundation for his Konrad Koselleck Big Band.

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