EGMOND SEA - PWN has a number of projects are planned to renew the dunes. "This time not focused on the nature, but on service to the holiday maker ", Ben tells forester Hopman. "We found that a number of facilities ever needed a facelift. Moreover, we can now arrange maintenance, that saves us a lot of work in the coming years. "

The parking along the road to the Pale is the recently restored with new paving. The permeable pavements must ensure that walkers their car in a dry, green surface can park. "Through the holes in the pavement the car will soon look like a lawn, but with a solid backing, So without mud ", Hopman explains. "Between the different parking areas a hawthorn hedge planted. Furthermore, we are now working to remove the two steps to the dune views. In its place comes a new staircase on a less steep dune area, making it easy for amateurs to walk to the top. The staircase is constructed such that the act does not sag, so we can go on for years with it by. Also the view dune itself gets a facelift. "

Later in the dunes, the tree banks, who have had their time, replaced with solid oak benches. If the work in a week or two are completed early next year similar projects in Nachtegalenpad and Uilenvangersweg the program.

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