20 percent say even more precisely to want to go to the beach

This is clear from survey among more than five hundred German tourists in the Netherlands by research firm GFK commissioned by Nature & Environment with the aid of an illustration which is made.

Windmills-sea Picture Flickr-by Vattenfall 680x256

Of respondents said 16 percent that an offshore wind farm is a reason to go less often to the beach. 64 percent say they do not care.

Last year, surveys showed that a wind farm at sea would ensure that fewer German tourists would go to the beach. This would certainly cost six thousand jobs. It turned out however to be more nuanced. It would be three thousand jobs, which would at wind-free spots on the coast again to come.

The research was done among German tourists who were the last two years one or more of the Dutch coast have visited. About 30 percent of all tourists coming into the Netherlands from Germany.

The government wants to 2023 several hundred wind turbines in the North Sea sites to increase the share of green energy in the Netherlands sharply. Coastal municipalities and entrepreneurs in the recreation sector fear that the view is ruined and that tourists will stay away.

In order to give tourists an idea of ​​the future face of the coast is an illustration used which was commissioned by the national government. Regional governments have already expressed their expectation that the face will look different.

On a personal account of the Egmond online webmaster: Have you ever run in Germany, you see there hundreds of windmills along the highways, cities etc. My suspicion is therefore that our German neighbors are much more used. Personally, I find any kind of green power generation is a good idea.

The text: Flessenpost Bergen

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