On the regional calendar of events weekends are crowded. Just before the busy beach season there are many events. One of the oldest with 19 time surely the Egmond Visserijdag. This year, an effective theme: Sand, Sea and Fish.
For Egmonders Visserijdag also belongs to the memorial on the eve, Friday 13 June, which is paid to the fishermen who died at sea. The flowers from the church is also filed with the fisherman monument at the beginning of the village.

For Egmonders and not Egmonders is the day a true spectacle. The opening will take place this year fresh alderman Sailor, when among the attendees some coffee packages will be raffled to start the day. With all its maritime communications, old ship crafts, different shantykoren, a look at the standard of living in the past 'oisie', Irish folk by the Westport Two visitors may already be satisfied. But the program has many more special things. A wonderful photo exhibition by Peter de Graaff in the Old Catholic Church, one look at the sea from the lighthouse or a tour through the village with a train, anything to show how beautiful Egmond was and is. The seamy side of life of fishermen is shown in the exhibition at the Museum of Egmond, whose subject is the first world war in Egmond.

Naturally you can not miss the culinary. Fish in all forms are processed by the local fishmongers at high level. Eel smoked traditional, a true delicacy for Father's Day.

The raffle has again great prizes, Traditionally, the prize is provided by Bas Tweewielers. A complete cycle can be your property for a pittance. But of course this is not the only price. Dinerbonnen, goodies to complement the interior, everything. Partly due to the contribution of the sponsor the day is possible.
In short, a day to put above all other events in the agenda.

Program Overview Visserijdag 2014

O.K. church, Voorstraat 112
Friday 13 June 19.30
Traditionally, on the eve of the Egmond Visserijdag fishermen and other mariners, commemorated remained at sea, with words and music. Afterwards laid a wreath at the Fishermen's Memorial by representatives of the Board of the Foundation Egmond Visserijdag
O.K. church, Voorstraat 112
Photos of Peter de Graaff
Museum v. Egmond Zuiderstraat 7 11.00-17.00
Exhibition on the First World War
Nautical market
Center, Pompplein, Smidstraat
o.a. demonstrations of traditional crafts,
visroken, fish filleting and taste, information about old-Egmond,
marine painters, fisherman's cottage with kitchen and "loo",
nautical instruments, modelboten, zeevondsten,
pirates for a photo opportunity and exciting stories, Old Dutch children's face painting and games etc.,
Prince Henry Foundation Voorstraat 41 11.00-16.00
Action Shanty Choir "Salty" 10.00-11.30
Action vanShantykoor 't Staende Tuygh 14.30-16.00
Ship Modelling Group Ijmond Radio control boats (explanation and demonstration).
Presentation Furnace Museum
Boothuis K.N.R.M. Boulevard South 11.00-16.00
Inspection equipment and materials
Action Egmond Shanty Choir "The Zâalnêelden" 11.00-12.00
Action Derper company "Keetje & Co” 15.00-16.00
Rescue demonstration thv. head flop 14.45-15.30
Lighthouse J.C.J. of Speyk Northern Boulevard Visit and climbing,
tickets available at the boathouse of the KNRM.
Construction Site "Pinck" Boulevard South
Explaining construction of the replica of a flat-bottomed,
which on the basis of old drawings is made.
Egmondermeer Pinck " Beach bezichtiging "EgmonderPinck"
Announcement 19th Egmond Visserijdag by town crier Ger Gravemaker
10.30 -11.00 Opening 19e Egmondse Visserijdag, by
Councillor Rob Seaman
11.00 -11.15 Auction of fish by, en t.b.v. "Of EgmonderPinck"
Book Launch :10 jr. construction and sailing with the Egmondermeer Pinck
12.15 -12.45 'T Staende Tuygh, Shanty- and seasongkoor from IJmuiden
13.00 -13.40 Egmont Shanty Choir "The Zâalnêelden"
14.00 – 14.45 Egmonds Smartlappenkoor "De Skarrebekken"
15.00 – 15.15 Derper lecture by Mrs.. A. Plaice- Swan
15.20 -15.55 Irish folk door “The Westport Two”
16.00 -16.30 Ltd. Is a program accordeonmuziek
16.45 -17.45 "The Mallote Sailors"
18.00 Music for everyone with "Edwin and Ad",
fish food and a pleasant chat!
Throughout the day around the sound is provided by RTV 80. Special reporter for this day: Aris Brandaris,
with many tips, always aware of the program and found objects!

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