KNRM exists 190 year

Since its founding in 1824 KNRM is unchanged: Cost-free assistance with volunteer lifeboat crews and made possible by voluntary contributions.

After the establishment of the rescue society 11 november 1824, is by Mr.. Feike battered an inventory of existing equipment on rescue area along the Dutch coast. Egmond one has three vessels including one called Greenland sloop. This is taken over by the salvor and stored in a wooden shed.

Is with this same boat 26 december 1824 performed the first rescue Rescue Society. Be 13 persons on board the ship Two Brothers maintain brought ashore, Starts station Egmond long list of rescues.

11 november 2014, 190 years later Egmond station can look back on a rich history :Drenthe, Church Square, Katinco, Wan To but also the salvation of 2 catamaran sailors in 2006, the na 24 hours have waterfront eventually be saved speak to everyone's imagination.

In the past 190 year drive Egmond 659 actions performed in which 1081 personen in 2 dogs are brought to safety.

To the people who make all this possible, a token of appreciation goes in particular from ……….. our loyal donors!

Station Egmond has on Saturday 8 November, a delegation of “her” loyal donors put the spotlight!

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