8 January 2016

Mesu Jan and Laura Black ring on Saturday 16 January at 12.00 hour the bells of the church in Egmond aan Zee. So they literally ring the action Kerkbalans in, an action to collect a financial contribution within the church. Thanks Kerkbalans can churches and functioning and continue to fulfill their social function.

Would you attend the inluidmoment, please apply no later than Thursday 14 January through rbjjm.scheltiofa@kpnmtol.nl.

The action Kerkbalans, which different denominations annually request a vital contribution to their members, This year is literally ushered. On Saturday 16 January, at least fifteen towns 12.00 hours spread over the provinces of the bells sound. The Dutch are known and / or fellow citizens who "pull rope clocks' in the city participating in the. Thus they show its social importance of the Church emphasize and call them to contribute to them. The action runs from Kerkbalans 17 to 31 January 2016.

bells ringing
Laura Black, choir captain, draws attention to the importance of the church: "It's our parish the first time we participate in the national campaign Kerkbalans. Hopefully now we reach even more people who want to contribute. So together we can perpetuate the specific work of the church. I hope by my own commitment to inspire people. "

Why Kerkbalans?
With an infographic of the two largest participating churches (the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Church in the Netherlands) the campaign of Kerkbalans makes clear what the church means to Netherlands. Anna Kruse, spokesman of the national campaign: "For everyone, the church has its own meaning. It is a place to celebrate your faith and experience, and also a place where people care for one another. Without support the churches do not make it. With the ringing of the church bells we ask church members also: give to the church in your neighborhood, town or city!”


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