3667686The Egmonds – The Provincial Executive on Tuesday 19 January PREALABLE demand of the municipality of Bergen on the merger venue for the three football clubs south of the Egmonder Straatweg answered. Earlier requests were firmly rejected by the County. Now clearly offered an opportunity to continue the development of a fusion club for Egmonds.

"This response from the County may require the municipality of Bergen college to the Board", said Councilor Peter Huissteden. "An eight subjects still needs to be further elaborated, but it also belongs to this stage in the process. I am cautiously optimistic about the success of the merger in the Egmonds and location we previously on view. I am very motivated to continue talks with all parties involved. "

Response letter
In the response letter the Executive Council concluded a number of issues. They see the social necessity for the merger. They are very positive about the possibility of nature on the complex of Egmondia. The football seems based on the advice of the Advisory Committee on Regional Development (ARO) scenically good to be fit. However, the compensation of the negative effects on the agricultural structure is not yet sufficiently developed and is secured. Executive Council wants better justification why possible alternative locations, which form a smaller damage to the bulbs concentration area, unsuitable.
continued process
The council discusses 14 April or college merger location on the Egmonder Straatweg can develop further with stakeholders. The college will also indicate how he will cope with the eight points of the County.
source: Rodi

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