Gallery Kapberg – Egmond aan den Hoef

Galerie de Kapberg – Egmond aan den Hoef

Seventeenth century Kapberg who once served for storing hay. For the construction were used wood wreck of wrecked ships and in kapzaal this can still be seen.

The Foundations of the “Lock on the Hoof”

De Fundamenten van het “Slot op den Hoef”

The Castle Quarter is the old center of Heiloo. This is a stunning historic area, Surrounded by the Castle Park, where you can take a little walk. It is good to be on the lawn between the bricked up foundations of the Lock on the Hoof

Shells Cabinet Egmond aan de Hoef

Schelpenkabinet  Egmond aan de Hoef

A beautiful collection of shells in the famous 'yellow room' Homestead About Slot, ever painted by Florence Kate Upton and see in the Louvre in Paris.

Old dutch Klootschieten Schoorl

Oud hollands Klootschieten in Schoorl

Throwing a wooden ball (THE KLOOT) on a set route, with the aim to do this in the least possible throws. The globe is a wooden ball at the correct weight by means of cast lead.

Speelderij Batavierstraat Mountains

Speelderij de Batavier Bergen

Speelpark Batavierstraat is an attractive park where children can play plenty, climb and romp. After playing, snacks and drinks, the whole family can have a round of mini-golf on our miniature golf course

Fun Centrum Kart World – Uitgeest

Fun Centrum Kart World – Uitgeest

The name says it all, Fun Center at Kart World Limmen you come for your enjoyment and for the (have)spanning. Upon entering our Formula bar you will experience the atmosphere that we are known for so!

King's Day in Galway

Koningsdag in Egmond aan Zee

King's Day is also celebrated in Egmond on the anniversary of Head of State Willem-Alexander.

Museum BroekerVeiling

Museum BroekerVeiling

The museum consists of two buildings: Building The Future and the Past building. There is also a lovely outdoor area. You recognize the building by the striking exterior façade, in which an impression of the original Empire of Thousand Islands is shown.

Children Alkmaar Cheese Market

Kinderkaasmarkt Alkmaar

On Fridays in July and August for children from 6 to 12 year possible to get a tour of the cheese market. The guide takes the children to the part which is not normally open to the public.

Egmond Abbey and Candle

De Abdij van Egmond en de Kaarsenmakerij

In the abbey church regularly organized concerts or lectures; of Abdijconcerten.
The concerts are almost always free of charge