The rescue station consists of a group of about 30 volunteers
en is 24 hour, 7 dagen per week, 365 days per year to be.

The lifeboat sails in 10 minutes after an alarm from, and due to its high
speed almost anywhere in its area within half an hour after an alarm on the spot.

Save it, we can not only there, we need your help in hard,

Therefore support the KNRM

Egmond aan Zee: Strandpaviljoen the Shell - Beach The Lookout - Restaurant From Speijk - J.C.J. Speijk of Lighthouse - Beach The Herring

This webcam is offered to you by Weather Egmond aan Zee

This webcam is placed above on the day of the shed where the lifeboat is housed until a rescue and he funeral. The camera is placed by Daniel Gouda (I thank you). It is a so-called PTZ camera and so turn gan, at this time, the turning radius is set to the parking lot, the lovely beach of Egmond aan Zee and Egmond dunes to the south side of our lovely village.

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