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logo-rtv80Radio en TV 80 is the local broadcast of the municipality of Bergen(NH). The broadcaster brings multimedia way information, culture and education to the population of the municipality of Bergen. Because of the multimedia approach is to receive the information via radio, tv, Internet and apps for smartphones and smart TVs. Radio en TV 80 Foundation is made by Radio and TV BES. The foundation has a ANBI status. If you Radio and TV 80 financial support is tax deductible.

At the local broadcasting are such 60 employees voluntarily working.


Radio 80 receive Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl cabled 96.5 FM on the cable. in the region to listen to the broadcasts over the air on 105.9 FM. Radio 80 brings radio programs with local news, music and fun. The sports, as the half marathon of Egmond, Round Mountains and Greeting from Schoorl Run reports are live on the radio.


TV80 presents current information from the municipality of Bergen interspersed with video reports. Most reportage made with Video Journal Schoorl. TV 80 For a digital channel received via Ziggo 44 and analog on channel S12 .


Internet is the medium in which the information of Radio and TV converge. All messages from the radio and TV editors editors are clearly view and listen. Radio programs again after listening. On the website it is possible to listen to live radio and watch TV. For interested, it is possible to note even look in the studio through the webcam. In short, Radio and TV 80 is fully automated multimedia.


Radio en TV 80 is currently working out its own app for your phone you'll soon local news from your village always with you. It is already possible to Radio 80 listen on your smart phone with the app Cessful. This app is also available for your smart TV.

Radio North Sea to Radio & TV 80

On 5 January 1980 Holland of Egmonders Adje Patatje and Peter founded the illegal radio station Radio Northsea. The transmitter stopped at 8 February 1993 to work on a legal status (radio station).

On 8 april 1993 Foundation Radio Egmond was formed to keep the people of Egmont in the future provide local news and programs. On 8 december 1993 Radio Egmont Foundation started its first legal broadcast under the name "Radio North Sea 80 ', placing quickly made the name 'Radio 80'. In juli 1998 initiated the announcement of hosting Text TV. In anticipation of the merger of the municipalities of Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl 2001 is Radio en TV 80 in 1999 started as a local broadcaster for the 3 municipalities. Read more about the history of radio and TV 80.

Radio en TV 80, local broadcasting municipality of Bergen (NH)

Seaway 52
Mailbox 133
1930 AC Egmond aan Zee

Kvk number: 41241983

Such: 072 – 506 75 80

Editorial Radio and TV 80

Such: 072 – 506 75 80

Advertising sales

Such: 06 – 10 88 46 07

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