The spectacle called Nieuwjaarsduik

Egmond Nieuwjaarsduik was led into 2005 Under squad before Neme association Eendracht) took over, traditionally organized by the Derp Divers. Also in that association William Butterfield, the man of the first hour. “I popped in a club in IJmuiden and read a piece about the contact Egmonders who were engaged in diving in the pool. Since I joined in and soon we established the Derp Miscellaneous on.


“Actually the atmosphere before and afterwards just as important as the dive.”

It still has all also to do with symbolism. You dive into the new year. But it also stands for: you start the new year with a drink with friends.


What inspires someone to dive into the sea in winter temperatures? “It is disaster to do, but it also gives an incredible thrill”, Butter know the Derp Divers. “I dived under all circumstances, with snow, at minus nine degrees and wind eight.

What you should know about the New Year's Dive

  • The launch will be to 14:00 hours are given.
  • Participation is at your own risk.
  • For children under 16 year parental approval required.

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