Wat is Strandvoetbal of Beachsoccer

In Juni is er ter hoogte van de hoofdstrand afgang (Boulevard South) Egmond aan Zee in the annual Copa del Egmond Beachsoccer event.

Beach soccer-Egmond-aan-zeeStrandvoetbal (beach soccer) is a variant of the ordinary football which, at the beach or is played on sand. In beach soccer lots of technical tricks used. The sand adds another dimension to the sport: agility and individual skills are tested. As a field of sand is anything but easy to play, is the ball is the largest part of the time in the air, which provides additional turnaround of players and swan dives from the keepers.

Two teams 5 players (beide teams 1 keeper) should try to get the ball in the opponent's goal. The ball may be played with any part of the body, except arms and hands. The ball should always remain playable and may thus not be caught. These restrictions do not apply to the goalkeeper, also called keeper. A match consists of 3 time 12 minutes. A beach football pitch 28 at 37 meter.

source: wikepedia

Datum evenement planning: http://egmondonline.nl/evenement/copa-del-egmond/

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