Enjoy Egmond go hiking, bicycle, sports, swimming, riding, midget-golfen, bowling, kite, item everyone can!

Lucky Strike Bowling Egmond

Lucky Strike Bowling Egmond

Bowling alleys with spectacular light shows and dance floor lit Lucky Strike Bowling Egmond aan Zee This…

Powerkiting Egmond or Bergen

Powerkiten in Egmond of Bergen

Anyone can power kiting, even if you are not blonde beefcake or tight beachbabe! The only thing you must have is a sense of the wind, wind direction, the strength and the response of the kite. Immerse yourself, literally and figuratively!

Ice skating / Sports Meent

Schaatsbaan/Sportcomplex de Meent

From October to March you can tie on the irons and delicious ice skating at the Ice Rink Think, the recipe for a sporting day out in Alkmaar! The semi covered 400 meter track and a separate rink guarantee much fun skating.

Dune and beach Package

Duin en strand Arrangement

Your group outing is dominated by the beautiful surroundings of Egmond aan Zee , Only Creativity and socializing this delicious summer arrangement where you first power kiting and then creates an unforgettable quest by Egmond aan Zee.

Old dutch Klootschieten Schoorl

Oud hollands Klootschieten in Schoorl

Throwing a wooden ball (THE KLOOT) on a set route, with the aim to do this in the least possible throws. The globe is a wooden ball at the correct weight by means of cast lead.