See the sea ... in Homestead About Slot


A beautiful collection of shells in the famous 'yellow room' Homestead About Slot, ever painted by Florence Kate Upton and see in the Louvre in Paris.
The permanent exhibition of shells of the world is in Homestead About Final exhibition of various artists who have been inspired by the sea.

Furthermore, the exhibition on the Egmond School compiled by Peter van den Berg in collaboration with the Foundation Historical Egmond still be seen in Homestead About Slot.

About Farm Slot is every weekend 14.00 to 17.00 hour free to visit.

About Farm Slot
Slotweg 42
Egmond aan den Hoef (t.o. of slotruïne).

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2 Responses "Shells Cabinet Egmond aan de Hoef"

  1. Jacqueline and Hugo Janssen  11 June, 2017

    During the annual flea market in Egmond aan de Hoef we happened upon this gem. Despite all the "fun stuff’ outside it was still also connect THE DISCOVERY DAG.En still the biggest mini library I've ever seen! Too bad I did not swap books with me. Also we'll be back to experience this with others even once. Thanks You!!

  2. Andrea Hessing  31 May, 2017

    This morning was in Homestead Over Slot at toeval..gewoon because we cycled along and had some coffee. Despite other plans anyway as the museum viewed….much broader than intended. So we were fascinated by everything there was to see. Nature'…the art….ancient times….the rarities….and tasty coffee. I'll come back with one other group interested.
    About farmstead lock must continue and gain even more attention!!
    We have particularly enjoyed!


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