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Al in 1683 it existed as Hofstede Peace Velt with a coach house next to it with a clock. It had an orchard behind the house, with a walled garden gate, later schoolyard. The residents used to supply fruit and vegetables to the Final. To the east is the Hofweide.

Studio bass of new burg

EN – Impressions of North Holland landscapes and historical heritage, conducted in picturesque Oil Pastel drawings by Bas van Nieuwburg.

DE – Picturesque impressions of the Dutch landscape and the historical heritage, Executed in oil pastel chalk by Bas van Nieuwburg.

Monuments Restoration Advisory

Interior- Furniture and Design

Interior- Furniture and Design

Illustration & Artist Impressions


Bas van Nieuwburg

Road to Old Veert 5
1934 CJ Egmond a / d Hoef.

Impressions of North Holland landscapes and historical heritage in oil pastels. Four exhibitions per year. Zomerexpositie juli 18/19, 25/26, aug 22/23, 29/30, sept. 5/6,19/20 12.00 – 17.00 hours basvannieuwburg.nl

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