Visit the cozy Fete of Egmond aan Zee

Summer fair of Egmond aan Zee starts the first Wednesday from 17.00 to 22.00 hours and begins in June and runs t / m the last Wednesday in August.

The fair is held in the Front Street, Prison. Eymaplein, Smidstraat, Noorderstraat, Pompplein in the Zuiderstraat.

Lovers jewelry, haarfrutsels, shoe, clothing, leather goods, interieuritems, gadgets, souvenirs and other gadgets can indulge here. Of course there is also the fair 'food' available: artisanal cheeses and sausages and traditional Dutch sweets to delicious (summer) fruit and hot syrup chips. If there is a jam in the Front Street? High probability that trying to bring one of the street vendors a product to the man. The fair is entertaining! The hospitality industry is running at full speed during the fair. The whole village is filled with music, market stalls and lots of fun.

Do you also have something to offer and want to participate in "The North Holland Fete” ask a stall and reserve you spot. But be quick because on = on with the stalls. You can book exclusively on

Booth information Fete Egmond aan Zee

To apply for a stall you have several options, Prices depend on the location's.

For urgent questions disinhibited the fair (no reservations, or cancellations) you Monday / Wednesday telephone contact market manager
Leo van der Stam – Phone: 06 276 182 36

Standard rent for a stall at the fair Egmond € 60,-

G A land price,B,C location per meter € 10,00 (Mark Master determined).


Request stall



Every Thursday morning 08.00 – 16.00 hour. The market is held at the Mayor Eymaplein and in a part of the Front Street. The market is organized by the municipality of Bergen, Egmond online has no information about it through my window, you can apply for a permit click here for more information.

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